Pelorian Designed Website Example

Starseed Music

Client’s Request:

Starseed wanted a website to feature the group’s music, and direct visitors to buying CDs or audio downloads. Starseed’s unique sound needed to have a website design that reflected the group’s personality and philosophy of making music. This included:

  • an introduction to Starseed music
  • listing of all CDs with audio samples and sales links
  • video of Starseed in concert
  • additional information pages
Designer’s Comments:

This site was created some years ago when Flash animation was popular. The audio player on the site was Flash, but it has since been upgraded to a cool implementation of multiple audio players on the same page that are aware of one another. That’s a little hard to explain, but it is a nice improvement over generations of previous internet audio players. As YouTube has developed, the site’s video player has also been upgraded to a multi-featured video playlist module. Starseed is also connected to several music promotion and distribution networks, such as iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, CDBaby, ReverbNation and SoundCloud.

Technology Used:

Computer applications and web technology used in building this website

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating graphics
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for editing and transferring various website files
  • Flash animation for some navigation
  • JavaScript for navigation, audio and video players
  • A variety of SEO techniques


“This music – intricate yet melodic as Bach,
austere as a Zen shrine, sensory as a massage
– seems like aural eroticism to me.”

– describing Starseed music

Robert Anton Wilson Writer, Futurist and Guerrilla Ontologist