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From Now to Now

The Autobiography of Marlis Jermutus

"This work is courageous.”

"Jermutus shares both the pain and peace
of multi-dimensional awareness."

Published by
Pelorian Digital

All Rise

Dick Bentley

A voice that is contrarian and erotic;
but also generous toward people
and life in America's 21st century

"Updike on acid" says author Diane Lefer.

Published by
Pelorian Digital

Love, Always

My Journey through Grief

Bettina Krone

A journey of self-discovery uncovers
the universal nature of grief
- a moving and inspiring story!

Published by
Pelorian Digital


The Official Noodelation Handbook

Gliddy Narfass

"Utterly brilliant and totally hilarious,
this insightful parody provides
invaluable instructional guidance"

- David Jay Brown

Published by
Pelorian Digital

Hone Your Own
Skills to Perfection

Jody Mills

In this beautiful full color edition,
Clothing Designer and Greeting Card Artist,
Jody Mills, shares the stories and
designs in a life of creativity

Published by
Pelorian Digital

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