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DNA Spaceship


This nascent website grew out of the work Rasa did for Futique – The Timothy Leary Trust. The site is still being worked on, very slowly, as Rasa has been busy with some other exciting projects.

The site has:

  • Home Page with links to various “Spaceship” subjects
  • A timeline of Timothy Leary’s life
  • A scrolling introduction to some of Leary’s main ideas
  • A Robert Anton Wilson info page (not yet created)
  • A page for Brummbaer’s Timothy Leary Video
Designer’s Comments:

In collecting materials and ideas for a new Timothy Leary PR effort, I went through more than a thousand photos from the Leary Estate, did extensive research online and offline, and organized a complex timeline that includes custom graphics, photos, videos, lists of publications and lists of major activities. The Futique Trust gave me permission to use the material for DNA Spaceship. A lot of what I admire in Leary’s work was wonderfully illuminated by Robert Anton Wilson. Because both saw the importance of our DNA in modeling the evolution of consciousness, I wanted this website to reflect that optimistic futuristic mindset. My work on a few pages dedicated to RAW has been stalled for excellent reasons. I’m promoting RAW’s good work through work with Hilaritas Press and The RAW Trust. – Rasa

Technology Used:

Computer applications and web technology used in building this website:

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating graphics and editing artwork
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for editing and transferring various website files
  • JavaScript for animation
  • A variety of SEO techniques

“Wow! Keep the Lasagna Flying!”

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