Pelorian Designed Website Example


– this website is currently under construction –

Client’s Request:

This was a pro bono project for Mimi Peleg, writer, cannabis patients rights advocate, Uber driver, and co-author (with the late Robert Anton Wilson) of Everything Is Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-Ups and The Ladder with Galia Halfi. Mimi has had a lot of computer experience in the past, but needed some help in learning the latest technology. She was happy to have us design the site, and then give her a tour of the current WordPress interface. She was eager to fill in the site’s content once we designed the theme. The website needed:

  • a logo
  • a Blog
  • interactive map to augment blog posts
  • an About page
  • a Contact page
  • a Links page
Designer’s Comments:

When we first started the design of Altogether, Mimi and I spent many nights Skyping between Tel Aviv and Massachusetts. She not only quickly caught on to all the new features of WordPress, but was thrilled at the advances since she first built a WordPress site many years ago.

Technology Used:

Computer applications and web technology used in building this website

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating graphics
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for editing and transferring various website files
  • WordPress CMS with custom theme design
  • Various WordPress plugins and Widgets
  • A variety of SEO techniques

“Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting State Senator Hinda Miller and discussing cannabis in Vermont where she serves on the cannabis commission. She asked me to write a letter to her summarizing our discussion and I used the opportunity to create our letterhead, The graphics for Altogether were created by Rasa and thank you so much Rasa! I love them!”

– from an email to supporters

Mimi Pelegfounder of Altogether