Pelorian Designed Website Example

The Official Robert Anton Wilson Website

Client’s Request:

Pelorian Digital has had a long history with writer Robert Anton Wilson. After Bob’s passing, his daughter asked Rasa to update her father’s primitive website. She essentially wanted to keep all the existing information, but create a whole new look and functionality. The site needed:

  • a listing of all of Bob’s books with links to sales pages
  • separate pages for different aspects of Bob’s philosophy
  • a “Goodies” page with links to RAW-related products
  • there was a special request to make the site reflect Bob’s humor
  • an email link to allow contact to the RAW Estate
Designer’s Comments:

I had been friends with Robert Anton Wilson for many years. Bob used my whimsical GADP graphics for his last published book, Email to the Universe. In redesigning Bob’s ancient website I used the coolest technology available at the time, which was mostly Flash. The site has since had upgrades to different pages, but at some point the RAW Estate will give the go-ahead to redesign the whole site yet again. Until then, it is still a really fun site to peruse, and if you are not using an iPad or an iPhone, you will see all the Flash animation. A LOT of websites worldwide still use Flash, although seemingly less and less as time goes on. Pelorian Digital has stopped using Flash altogether in new designs. Web evolution has finally gotten to the point where there are good alternatives. One of the wonderful challenges in designing this website was to give visitors a web experience that in some way mirrored the unique quality of Bob’s writing. Those of you who have read Robert Anton Wilson will know exactly what I mean. Those who haven’t, I envy your opportunity to buy a RAW book and enjoy one of our time’s most engaging philosophers. – Rasa

Technology Used:

Computer applications and web technology used in building this website

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating graphics
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for editing and transferring various website files
  • Flash Animation for various graphic animations and some navigation
  • JavaScript for more recent animations and other functions
  • A variety of SEO techniques


“How utterly fabulous! Thanks so much for being here with me through this process!”

– one of many wonderful comments from Christina

Christina PearsonBob’s Daughter, Trustee of the Robert Anton Wilson Estate

“Looks GREAT Rasa and I love that “mostbunall” and “sombunall”. You’ve done Bob proud!”

– a friend of Bob’s who understands “sombunall”

Miriam Joan Hillco-author of Bob’s book, Everything Is Under Control

“It all looks great!”

– Eric was a helpful resource in creating the website

The new site is absolutely beautiful!” 

– comment made on launch of website

Mike Gathersof

“Great work Christina and Rasa. RAW rides the internet once more. You can count me as a regular visitor to the site!”

– Andy is a great proponent of flying lasagna

Gadzooks! Heavens to Murgatroyd! Great Googily Moogily!

– commenting on the launch of the website