the meaning of Peloria

The Botanical Definition:
Regularity of Structure Occurring Abnormally in Flowers Normally Irregular

In enlightened moments,
I search for meaning and a definition of myself in relation to All That Is.

Think of it as one person's contribution to the evolution of the species.

One might call it Darshan Yoga, the spiritual art of observation.
The clever new yogi of this sort first practices all the normal ways of seeing
and asks all the normal questions and quickly becomes thoroughly bored,
but fascinated at how boring the Normal can be.

The adventurous yogi with this experience
deliberately seeks new ways of seeing and asks uncommon questions.
When uncommon questions produce provocative answers,
the yogi has simultaneously created a spiritual quest and disturbing performance art.
This may astound and delight the yogi, but usually makes the bystanders uneasy.

Indeed, juxtapose any unlikely prose
and someone will want to know if you are crazy,
or if you know something they don't know, or both.

Normal society sees rebellious curiosity as an act of irregular participation,
but the task I've taken in building this website,
reporting on my observations and taming exuberant answers into informative text,
requires the mundane regularity of any workplace.
Call it Provocative Journalism, if you need a title.
Or call it Peloria.