Conch Shell Magic

Rollin Rose, aka The Wizard of Weed (from Weed, California) blows 23 conch shells that resonate to the 16 minor and 7 major chakras. Rollin discovered his talent for calibrating conch shells after White Bear, a Sioux friend, taught him to dowse for water on his desert property. Rollin got quite good at it, and figured, why not dowse for answers to questions? Several circumstances and synchronicities later he had assembled the 23 conch shells blown on this CD.

The Wizard of Weed, born in 1929, a Stanford grad and clinical psychologist who worked in the California prison system and in state mental hospitals for over 40 years, he now lives in remote Weed, California on what he has determined is the Heart Chakra portion of the giant earth ley line that vibrates through the Mt. Shasta region. Somewhere between hearing his Golden Mean analysis of the conch shell’s resonance chamber and the powerful vibration of standing a foot away from the 3rd eye conch shell being blown, I got the impression that Rollin may be on to something. Not that conch shell blowing is anything new. Various uses of the conch shell are found throughout the world.

Aside from all the use we humans find, the conch shell starts out as the home for what is basically a big snail. These intelligent gastropods travel in schools and are wary of fishermen. With two eyes on long gelatinous stalks peering out into the world, they languidly feed on the ocean floor while all the time growing shells that curve in a proportion identical to the shape of spiral galaxies. Not only is that graceful golden 1.618 proportion beautiful and beguiling, the construction of the shell itself appears to involve a high degree of expert masonry. The structure of the conch shell is currently being studied for aerospace and computer industry applications. The calcium (actually aragonite) is woven by the growth of the mollusk into a brick-and-mortar-like micro-architecture that is 1,000 times stronger than simple previously used aragonite-like ceramics.

That kind of strength and harmonious symmetry in a musical instrument gives the resonating chamber a unique audio quality. Rollin Rose uses that unusually clear and penetrating tone to create a sympathetic vibration within the human body. Like Arjuna’s powerful blasts on the shell, Rollin hopes to banish evil by encouraging the vibrational strength of the body’s energy centers.

When the Wizard of Weed blew one of the largest shells in his collection and my left knee vibrated, I was interested to find he had in fact blown the left knee chakra shell. After years of meditating, I am used to focusing my attention on the seven main chakras that run along the path of the spinal cord. After years of playing the Indian sitar with 20 strings of which 13 strings are not “played” at all but simply sound unstruck, I am somewhat attuned to feeling the subtle massage of sympathetic vibrations. When listening to Rollin’s CD, my intuition, musical intuition if you prefer, easily associates those seven conch tones to the seven major chakras.

– Richard Rasa, Pelorian Digital

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Sample: Track 23, Third Eye Chakra

The CD consists of several parts:

– Introduction by Rollin Rose (Track 1)
– Rollin blowing the 23 conch shells (Tracks 2–24)
– A short rap from Rollin on Clearing Energy Blocks (Track 25)
– Rollin’s reading his Conch Shell Magic List (Track 26)
– All 23 conch shells without narration (Track 27)

Recorded at RadioStar Studios, Weed, California
CD Design & Liner Notes by Richard Rasa
Executive Producer: Gliddy Narfass
© 2017 The Wizard of Weed