Pelorian Designed Website Example

Sakkara Heartsong

Client’s Request:

Sakkara wanted a website to showcase the various aspects of her work in the United States and Japan. She requested:

  • Hathors page
  • Sessions listing
  • Courses listing
  • Mayan 2012 page
  • Japan page for Japanese visitors
  • Testimonials
  • a simple PayPal Store
  • Contact page
Designer’s Comments:

This is an older website built on a table structure. Tables were a standard in web design for long time, but have since been replaced by much more robust div structures using CSS. The Calendar page is periodically updated.

Technology Used:

Computer applications and web technology used in building this website

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating graphics
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for editing and transferring various website files
  • animated gifs
  • A variety of SEO techniques


“I like this!! I don’t need them to look too alike at all. I like the fact that this is distinct. Yeah Rick!”

– commenting on the difference between this site and the Full Circle website

Marla Ruth Allisan JD, LICSWFounder and Director of A Full Circle Adoptions