Pelorian Designed Website Example

Healing Art

Client’s Request:

Marlis Jermutus has written a book that describes her philosophy of life in fascinating detail (From Now to Now). Before the book, we were looking for a way to present some aspects of this philosophy, and at the time, Flash animation offered a nice solution. The theme for Marlis was using elements of nature as both practical resources and as metaphor. The task was to present the elements and corresponding philosophy in an engaging manner that would provoke thought, and hopefully experimentation and deeper research on the part of the visitor. The project needed:

  • an introduction to the concept of Healing Art from the artist’s perspective
  • descriptions of the elements and their use and symbolism
  • graphic elements that help the visitor relate to the concepts
Designer’s Comments:

This is not a stand-alone website, but I realized after the work started that this section of a website could stand entirely on it’s own – hence its inclusion in these descriptions of Pelorian Designed websites. It also stands as a great example of Flash being able to present a lot of information in a relatively concise space. The same thing can be accomplished today with the use of “Tabs” and some creative JavaScripting, but there is an elegance to Flash that still shines. Even so, Pelorian Digital has stopped using Flash in new websites. It could be that Apple’s famous critique of Flash has merit. They were worried about security issues and file sizes, but at the very least, Flash does not handle modern SEO concerns well, and that alone is a significant factor.

Technology Used:

Computer applications and web technology used in building this website

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating graphics
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for editing and transferring various website files
  • Adobe Flash for navigation and animation


“Healing Art is beautiful, easy to navigate through, filled with intriguing information!”

– comment from a Healing Art visitor
Amanda H.Abstract Artist